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Traitor, the final volume in the Traveler Trilogy is now available.

Order the ebook on Amazon, or get a personalized copy delivered right to your door in the Traveler store.

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Here’s what people are saying about the thrilling conclusion to the Traveler saga:

Traitor is my favorite thriller of the year. A brilliant, wild ride that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat…easily one of the best trilogies out there!

—Rachel Aukes, Bestselling author of 100 Days in Deadland


“Universe-hopping police officers, gun-toting psychics, and multidimensional cats, oh my. Dennis Green brings his dimension-hopping Traveler series to an explosive and undeniably satisfying conclusion. I can’t recommend this one enough.”

—Aaron Bunce, Author of the Overthrown and NecroVerse Series.


“The epic, explosive climax to Dennis Green’s dimension-hopping thrill ride has finally arrived! A literary love letter to the science fiction genre!”

—Adam Whitlatch, author of The Weller series


Traitor is a compelling and satisfying conclusion to a crime series with a twist of science fiction.”

—Terri M. LeBlanc, M & M Bookstore


“With a stellar cast of characters and storytelling at its finest, Green once again delivers an action-fueled adventure filled with mystery, excitement, and suspense. I loved every heart-racing second!”

Heidi Hutchinson, author of the Double Blind Study series

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