Dennis Green is the author of the Traveler Chronicles, a mind-bending parallel-universe adventure told in TravelerPrisoner, and Traitor.

The three Traveler books have dozens of 4 and 5 star Amazon reviews, and scored in the Top Ten of the Ben Franklin Independent Publishing Awards.

Dennis is one of the longest-tenured radio personalities in the Midwest, entertaining two generations of Iowans. His adventures as a DJ have been covered by media all over the country. He has also worked on the stage, TV, and independent film.

In addition to the Traveler books, his stories have appeared in Sadistic ShortsThe Cedar Valley Divide, Romance and Beyond, and his own blog at

By day, he’s the general manager of Iowa’s only jazz radio station, KCCK-FM. And if It’s 5:30 am, you can probably find him in the pool, working out with the Milky Way Masters swim club.

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