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“…full of action, crisp dialogue and reality-bending moments.” Mary Sharp, Cedar Rapids Gazette. Full Article

“A great read for lovers of exciting sci-fi.” Beth Wheeler, Little Village Magazine Full Review

“The writing is tight, the characters are flesh and blood, and the stakes are higher than ever before.” Craig Hart, author of the Shelby Alexander thrillers.

“With a stellar cast of characters and storytelling at its finest, Green once again delivers an action-fueled adventure filled with mystery, excitement, and suspense. I loved every heart-racing second!” Heidi Hutchinson, author of the Double Blind Study series

Traitor is my favorite thriller of the year. A brilliant, wild ride that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat…easily one of the best trilogies out there! —Rachel Aukes, Bestselling author of 100 Days in Deadland

“Universe-hopping police officers, gun-toting psychics, and multidimensional cats, oh my. Dennis Green brings his dimension-hopping Traveler series to an explosive and undeniably satisfying conclusion. I can’t recommend this one enough.” —Aaron Bunce, Author of the Overthrown and NecroVerse Series.

“The epic, explosive climax to Dennis Green’s dimension-hopping thrill ride has finally arrived! A literary love letter to the science fiction genre!” —Adam Whitlatch, author of The Weller series

Traitor is a compelling and satisfying conclusion to a crime series with a twist of science fiction.”  —Terri M. LeBlanc, M & M Bookstore


“A smart, fast-paced sci-fi thriller that has just the right amount of science speak to interest genre fans without alienating casual readers.” If These Books Could Talk.

“What if Law & Order, Harry Dresden and Sliders had a baby? A fantastic page burner!” David Adam Suski

“A complex thriller that will literally keep you on the edge of your feet. I honestly could not step away from this book until the very end! 5 Stars!” Terry’s Book Addiction.

“If you like your sci-fi with a dash of thrilling crime then this book is for you.” Random Redheaded Ramblings.

“…intriguing, roller-coaster ride of a thriller that was action packed and engaging throughout.”   Avid Book Collector.

“The traveling between parallel universes is neatly explained and the plot draws you in. Mystery lovers and science fiction fans should get a kick out of the novel. Traveler gets a solid thumbs up.” Second Run Reviews.

“…a fun novel that fans of either sci-fi or crime fiction can see themselves shifting into.” Iowa City Press-Citizen.

“I can’t wait to read the next one! Book Lover’s Life.

“Dennis Green has written a very entertaining book in “Traveler,” one that appeals beyond the science fiction genre where it started.” Cedar Rapids Gazette.

“Phillip Marlowe meets Philip K Dick in an intriguing mystery that crosses shifting planes of reality.” Denny Lynch.


“Green gets it just right!” Mary Sharp, Cedar Rapids Gazette. Full Review.

“You’re in for another wild ride with Prisoner.” Terri LeBlanc, Second Run Reviews. Full review.

“I seriously loved everything about this book!” Lynne Poppe, Chapterbreak.net. Full Review

“Keeps you hooked to the very last page!” Maureen Hinten, Maureen’s Books. Full Review

Prisoner packs one helluva punch… time and time again! Rachel Aukes, Amazon bestselling author of 100 Days in Deadland.

“A gripping dimension-hopping mystery that absolutely refuses to be put down.” Adam Whitlatch, author of The Weller and War of the Worlds: Goliath.

“Green takes a mystery, colors it with an urban fantasy ambiance, teases it with sci-fi, and adds a spritz of romance for a perfectly styled read.” A.R. Miller, author of Disenchanted.

a roller coaster ride of action, science fiction, and good ol’ fashion detective work, (that) slaps you in the face with an ending that you never see coming. This is a must read for sci fi fans!” Michael Koogler, author of Antivirus and Convergence.

“Fast paced, intelligent, and wildly entertaining.” Jed Quinn, author of Orchard and Kingmaker.


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