Top ten finisher in the Ben Franklin Independent Publisher Awards.

TravelerBookHave you ever lost something, like car keys? After looking everywhere else, you found them right there in your coat pocket, where you could have sworn you already looked?

Congratulations. You have just experienced a shift between parallel realities.

So has Trav Becker. But instead of finding a set of keys, he finds a dead body.

His own dead body.

Now Trav must not only figure out why he is slipping between reality streams, but he must also hunt down a murderer.

A murderer who is not just TRYING to kill Trav, but has already succeeded. More than once.

Traveler gets a solid thumbs up.” – Second Run Reviews.

“…a fun novel that fans of either sci-fi or crime fiction can see themselves shifting into.” –┬áIowa City Press-Citizen.

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