The Music of Traveler

Music is important to Trav Becker, and to me. Each of us has a personal soundtrack of songs that conjure up a certain feeling, or time in our lives. Part of the fun of writing these novels was thinking about songs that have been important to me, and weaving them into Trav’s story.

Here is the music mentioned in the Traveler books: 

If you purchase any of the songs or albums from the above links, a few shekels will go to KCCK-FM, the public radio station where I work. It’s a little payback for the time I spent thinking about the book when I should have been working. Oh, and if you like jazz and blues, check it out. It probably doesn’t surprise you that I think there is no Pandora channel or iTunes playlist that compares to music programmed by a real person.

Below is a YouTube playlist of these, and some of Trav’s other favorite songs.