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Dylan or Dali?

We are playing a particularly cool version of "Subterranean Homesick Blues" on KCCK these days, which reminded me of something that has been disturbing me for awhile. Has anyone else noticed that the older Bob Dylan gets, the more he looks like Salvador Dali?   Just sayin'.


Usually, my colleagues at NPR are spot on both in hard news and soft features, but yesterday.... not so much. Robert Siegel introduced an interview with an upstart NCAA tourney team by explaining this group of young men was the "feel-good story of March Madness."... The first team from their conference to reach the Sweet …

Survey Says!

Survey Says!-Dennis Thanks again to everyone who participated in KCCK's recent Listener Survey. We had over 200 responses, which ran the gamut from "We love everything you do" to "You suck pretty much all the time" and everything in between. In years past, we would have shared the results and comments with our staff, and …

Fall TV

Took me a few days to get to it, but I finally pulled "Flash Forward" off the DVR last night. I was pretty impressed. I haven't read the Robert Sawyer novel it's loosely based on, but was skeptical. I'm generally nuts for Sci Fi shows (or is it SyFy now?), but have been unimpressed with …