Fun with Google Voice

So, the geeky among us know that Google has rolled out a phone service called Google Voice, where you can get a phone number from Google and have the calls forwarded to the phone or phones of your choice.

One of the really cool functions of GV is that when someone leaves you a voicemail, Google will transcribe and email or text the voicemail to you.
However, the transcription algorithm leaves just a little to be desired.
Case in point: I received the following transcription this afternoon (edited slightly to protect the innocent, not that you’d ever be able to tell, and no one involved was named Vince, Andy or Jess)
Dennis, I just wanna apologize for breaking on you unnecessarily … so I want to get it was inappropriate, Hi, this is Vince not a very good mood. Ohh I’m sexy and I just want to apologize. I got a call and Andy through sad actually. Can panties voicemail box is also full, so I can leave a message with him, so I left a message just battery. I need to call me so maybe I can get a hold of. I don’t know that I have the exact date of the quarter. Jess. It might book so I need late that day too, so if you could just ev shoot an email to me with that at date that would be great. And please try to somehow it. It’s on it there as soon as possible. I think, so we’ll figure it out. Alright, talk to you later. Bye

Does anyone else find it disturbing that the default transcription attempts are rather… sexual?

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