First Review of Prisoner

It’s Release Day!

Book Two of The Traveler Chronicles, Prisoner, is now available. Of course, I’ve been blathering on and on for months about the book, so let’s hear from someone else for a change.

Terri LeBlanc, book blogger at Second Run Reviews, has the (dubious perhaps) honor of posting the first Prisoner review to Goodreads. Here’s a taste:

For those of you have read Traveler, you are in for another wild ride when you pick up Prisoner. Trav Becker and all his doubles are back at it shifting through parallel realities and trying to save the universe. Prisoner moved at a faster pace than Traveler; gone are the interludes. The reader isn’t “forced” to take a break from the action. You are able to read as fast as your eyes and mind can process the words on the page.

While Prisoner‘s plot moves at break neck speed, the writing has a more relaxed feel. Trav is in even more trouble with the FBI looking over his shoulder and the stakes are higher. Despite the tension, I found myself laughing out loud at several points.

The only down side, she is STILL busting my chops about the ending. 

I am never going to live that down.

Prisoner is available right now on


  1. LOL! Dennis, when your own writing buddy says your novel is queued up behind a few other books, you know you need to groom more beta readers and book reviewing friends. (Where were you when I lived at 2043 Brookland?) I plan to find my way to the book reading Thursday, but I never promise anything. Lennox, you go!! Just read all 3 reviews of the legendary local "Writing Lads" and I hope you’re in the trio for years to come, Lennox.

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