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Sometimes people ask me what is best, ordering a book online, buying it from a local bookstore or from me at a signing.

Here’s what helps the most: Pre-ordering the book on Amazon. 

(No, I’m not throwing my local bookstore under the bus. More on that in a minute).

These days, the main success indicator, particularly for an indie, is Amazon Sales Rank. And the best way to push up the chart is with big one-day sales, preferably the first day the book is released. 

Guess when pre-order sales are credited? On Release Day. For Prisoner, this 

The first day Traveler was released, with no advance notice or pre-orders, it hit #14 in Amazon’s Sci Fi/Time Travel. With your help, I think Prisoner could hit #1. 

The Prisoner e-book is just $2.99. If you have any interest at all in reading it, please pre-order it right now at this link (or click on the picture).

Now, what if you would rather support your local bookstore, or just prefer a real book? 

Easy. Pre-order the e-book. Show it to me on your device if you attend a signing, and I will happily rebate you $3.00 (or buy you a cocktail) when you buy a paper edition. You even make a $.01 profit! If it’s not convenient for us to meet in person, contact me by email, Facebook, Twitter, and we’ll work something out.

I can hardly wait for you to read the next volume of Trav’s adventures!


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