Don’t Buy My Book!

At least, not from Booksthatsell.

The eagle-eyed Adam J. Whitlach was prowling eBay recently and discovered a signed copy of his first novel, “The Weller,” was being offered at the ego-boosting price of $75.

The only problem was, the book was “flat-signed,” i.e. just the author’s signature, not inscribed to a person. And Adam inscribes all of his signed books.

He poked around a little, and soon discovered a similar listing for Traveler, as well as Sadistic Shorts, an Mbedzi anthology that includes my story, “The Audition.” Like Adam, I have flat-signed only a very few books, and it is rather unlikely any of them have made it to Booksthatsell’s New York office. My name is also spelled “Greene” in a couple of places in the listing.

Questions to the seller have gone unanswered, but unless a party unknown has been haunting our local book signings, and then selling our books to this outfit, it’s a scam.

And a pretty stupid one at that. The Internet must be running out of cons if people are reduced to offering books by unknown authors at inflated prices.

As much as I wish my signature on a book quintupled its value, I am more than happy to send you a signed copy from my website. At no extra charge, of course.

And, while you’re at it, you should do the same for Adam. “The Weller,” along with his new one, “War of the Worlds: Goliath,” are both great reads.

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