Congratulations Mr. Green…it’s triplets.

The physical version of Traveler  is now available on Amazon, but for reasons known only to High Priest Bezos, the hardback, paperback and Kindle versions are all listed as separate books!

And as if that weren’t weird enough, both the hardback and paperback editions are out of stock.

Which probably means both of the copies Amazon received have been purchased (OK, probably by me). 

However…if you order one, the little elves at the printer will get right on the task of cranking one out for you. 

And of course, if you come to one of the Traveler launch events next week, you’ll be assured of a copy!

I hope that the listings will merge in the next few days, but in the meantime, here are the relevant links: 

Traveler hardback on Amazon 

Traveler paperback on Amazon

Traveler for Kindle on Amazon

Traveler for Nook on

And check out Mbedzi Publishing’s Facebook page for a Traveler contest!

Traveler Book Launch Events

 “Oh, too bad your reading is (insert date and time here). I can’t make it that night.”

In doing my best to take away all possible excuses for not buying Traveler, I am pleased to announce that the book will be launching on TWO   consecutive nights in Cedar Rapids.

On Wednesday, Nov. 6, The Writing Lads will be the undercard for THE author event of the fall, a rare joint appearance by Grand Masters Ed Gorman and Max Allan Collins, two of Iowa’s finest mystery-thriller authors, at Mystery Cat Books.  Ed has a new Dev Conrad thriller out, and Max has “Ask Not,” the latest featuring my all-time favorite detective, Nate Heller.

This will be the first opportunity to purchase a physical copy of “Traveler,” but honestly, if you can’t buy ’em all, grab Ed and Max’s books first. Then, you’ll have to fight me for a place in the autograph line.

Mystery Cat Books is owned by one of my oldest friends, Todd Meyer, and his wife Ruth (not to mention the cat). I am very grateful to Todd for letting me tag along on an event featuring two of my writing heroes.

Then, the VERY NEXT NIGHT, Nov. 7, Rob, Randon, and I will be reading from our work at New Bo Books, which gave us our very first public exposure last spring. There will be copies of Traveler  there as well, and if we’re lucky, Rob and Randon will read from their latest (very cool) projects.

Time and location information on my events page.  Watch this page and Facebook for the Iowa City launch, and other events around the state!

And… Traveler is here!

What if there were countless versions of you on parallel streams of reality?

And what if one of them was trying to kill you?

Traveler  is now available for Kindle and Nook, hardback and paperback in a couple of days.

Thanks again to Karen Matibe and her company, Mbedzi Publishing, for believing in the book. I am also grateful to the team who produced the book, editor Elizabeth Humphrey, cover designer Clayton Chambers, book designer Jacqui Terry, and my fellow Mbedzi authors Michael Koogler (who wrote the flap copy), and Jed Q. Peterson, who brought the book to Karen’s attention. 

And of course, there would be no Traveler without The Writing Lads, Lennox Randon and Rob Cline, who continue to challenge and inspire me.

Now, we’ll see if anyone will go out and buy this turkey… 


The Lads at The Iowa City Book Festival

Randon, Rob and I are honored to be a part of the Iowa City Book Festival’s “A Day in the City of Literature” event, Sunday, October 13. We’ll read at the High Ground Cafe in Iowa City from 4-5pm. Randon and Rob each have new work that they will read from, and you can also purchase Friends Dogs Bullets Lovers  and Murder By The Slice. 

Traveler is imminent, and I will have release news at the event, too.

Click on the Events tab for full details and a map link. 

Earlier in the day at 1pm, my fellow Mbedzi author, Michael Koogler will be reading from The Rise of Cain, the second book in the excellent Krypteia Conspiracy series at Defunct Books in the Sycamore Mall.