Author’s Note

A couple of years prior to the publication of Traveler, I began meeting regularly with two friends, Rob Cline and Lennox Randon, in a writers group to complete novels we all had on the shelf.

Randon (he goes by his last name) was at the time in remission from stomach cancer, and publishing a book was on a bucket list he was no longer putting off. He recruited Rob first, who then got me involved.

When the guy with cancer says he is going to make writing a priority, it’s hard to make excuses for not also doing the work.

This association has resulted in all three of us publishing books, a better average than most writing groups, I think.

At the time of this writing, Randon’s cancer has returned. But he is working on his second book, a little weaker perhaps, but staying positive and being an inspiration to Rob, me, and everyone who meets him.

There would be no Traveler without Lennox Randon.

If you enjoyed Traveler, please check out Randon’s Friends Dogs Bullets Lovers and Rob’s Murder by the Slice, both available in the usual formats online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Honest feedback and reviews are always welcome, on book review sites as well as my own web page,

I would also be remiss if I did not thank my fellow Mbedzi author, Jed Q. Peterson, who passed Traveler onto his publisher, Karen Matibe, who is now my publisher and friend. Check out the Krypteia Conspiracy series, by Jed and his co-writers Michael Koogler and Jaran Reilly, beginning with Hade’s Gambit, also from Mbedzi Publishing.