Go On Tour and Never Leave The Farm

I recently had the pleasure of being featured on a blog tour presented by the excellent Candace Robinson of CBB Promotions. If you’re not familiar with what a blog tour is, for two weeks, a network of book bloggers agree to feature my work. They can offer me a guest post on their site, feature an excerpt, or post a review.

If you’ve already read the Traveler books, you probably aren’t terribly interested in reviews, since you’ve already formed your own opinion, good or ill. There are some links below, however, if you’re curious about what reviewers have to say.

The bloggers who requested guest post offered me some interesting topics to weigh in on, from time travel to what I think is the difference between Science Fiction and Urban Fantasy; even some pictures from my Harry Dresden Tour of Chicago.

“Geeking out with Harry Dresden in Chicago” – Second Run Reviews

“The Second Book Blues” – If These Books Could Talk

“Ten Things You Should Know About The Traveler Chronicles” – Book Lover’s Life

“Urban Fantasy vs. Science Fiction: What’s In A Sub-Genre?” – Mama Reads, Hazel Sleeps

“Of Deloreans, Butterflies, and Grandfathers” – Random Redheaded Ramblings

Prisoner Reviews:

Candace’s Book Blog

The Avid Book Collector