Why yes, I am still writing.

Although I wouldn’t blame you if you wondered.

“Prisoner” is Volume II of the Traveler Chronicles. I hope to have it finished by the end of the year.

If you’re curious, here is a taste:


Strange as it may seem, as I regarded the corpse with my face on my (our?) living room floor, I wasn’t wondering how he had gotten here, or even why he was wounded.

I was thinking Thank God, Mary just missed him. 

The day had begun quite normally, actually better than normal. As my mind swam slowly up from the gray depths of a restful sleep, I became aware of a bare leg lying across mine. And I soon realized what had woken me up was a slight muscle cramp in my left arm, due to the fact that it was wrapped around the owner of the leg. Her cheek lay on my shoulder, her breath making a tiny, cool breeze across my bare chest.

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Well, I at least knew something was up when in Saturday’s strip, Pearls Before Swine made an oblique reference that any true Calvin and Hobbes fan would immediately recognize.

Truthfully, if I was going to predict Bill Watterson’s return to comics, it would have been in Fraz, who I firmly believe is Calvin grown up. 

Regardless, it is very cool that BIll Watterson has returned (at least temporarily) to my comics page.  

Even if he does resemble an eight year old girl much more than I imagined.