Seven Lines From My WIP

I was tagged by the great AR Miller to share seven lines from my next book. I in turn tagged the other Writing Lads, Lennox Randon and Rob Cline to do the same.

This is from “Prisoner,” the sequel to “Traveler”.

* * *

     The space had been furnished, after a fashion. There was a bed, and the lamp casting the light sat on a box up on its end to make a nightstand. On the bed, sat Sophie Patel and Ella Day.

     The girls looked at me as I came into the light.

     “Hi,” I said. “My name is Trav.”

     The girls’ eyes grew wide. Sophie grabbed Ella, pushing her protectively behind her. The younger girl shrieked in terror.

     “Girls, it’s OK,” I said. “I’m a police officer.”

     “Help!” screamed Sophie. “It’s him! He’s here! Help us!”

* * *

OK, that was nine lines. Sue me.

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