Congratulations Mr. Green…it’s triplets.

The physical version of Traveler  is now available on Amazon, but for reasons known only to High Priest Bezos, the hardback, paperback and Kindle versions are all listed as separate books!

And as if that weren’t weird enough, both the hardback and paperback editions are out of stock.

Which probably means both of the copies Amazon received have been purchased (OK, probably by me). 

However…if you order one, the little elves at the printer will get right on the task of cranking one out for you. 

And of course, if you come to one of the Traveler launch events next week, you’ll be assured of a copy!

I hope that the listings will merge in the next few days, but in the meantime, here are the relevant links: 

Traveler hardback on Amazon 

Traveler paperback on Amazon

Traveler for Kindle on Amazon

Traveler for Nook on

And check out Mbedzi Publishing’s Facebook page for a Traveler contest!

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