And… Traveler is here!

What if there were countless versions of you on parallel streams of reality?

And what if one of them was trying to kill you?

Traveler  is now available for Kindle and Nook, hardback and paperback in a couple of days.

Thanks again to Karen Matibe and her company, Mbedzi Publishing, for believing in the book. I am also grateful to the team who produced the book, editor Elizabeth Humphrey, cover designer Clayton Chambers, book designer Jacqui Terry, and my fellow Mbedzi authors Michael Koogler (who wrote the flap copy), and Jed Q. Peterson, who brought the book to Karen’s attention. 

And of course, there would be no Traveler without The Writing Lads, Lennox Randon and Rob Cline, who continue to challenge and inspire me.

Now, we’ll see if anyone will go out and buy this turkey… 


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